Membership Criteria

Membership Philosophy

Membership is open to senior financial-oriented organizational leaders.  Staying true to these criteria is critical in maintaining the level of leadership that will encourage and sustain the organization in meeting its value to the members.

 Membership Categories

· Financial Executives

· Executive Affiliates

· CEO/President

Financial Executive members would typically have the following titles:

1) Chief Financial Officer

2) Treasurer

3) Director of Finance

4) Vice President of Finance

5) Controller

Financial Executive Membership Criteria:

1) The organization that the member is a part of would typically have annual revenues greater than $5 million.  Nevertheless, the decision of the Membership Committee will be based upon a composite analysis of the number of employees, revenue, net worth, and total asset value of the organization.

2) As this organization is geared toward senior business executives, it is important that the member have at least 10+ years of work experience.

Executive Affiliates:

Purpose:  Enhancement of the value of financial executive membership in FEAT.

Executive Affiliate Membership Criteria:

1) Senior leaders of organizations with whom the Financial Executive would normally have business relationships.

2) Persons who through their leadership and expertise enhance the value of FEAT to the Financial Executive member’s organization, community, or career.

3) Provide experience, expertise, and leadership in disciplines and organizations that enhance the value of FEAT.  Such organizations would include:

1) Financial institutions

2) Consultancy firms

3) Law practices

4) CPA organizations

5) Colleges & universities

6) Government organizations

Additional Membership Criteria and Process

1) All prospective members must agree to enhance the member experience and help recruit new members.

2) All prospective members must submit an application to the Membership Committee.

3) Representation should be proportional to the size of the member’s organization.

4) The decisions on defining membership will be left to the Membership Committee, which will make final membership decisions.

5) The number of Executive Affiliates may not exceed the number of Financial Executive members in FEAT so as to maintain the original intent of FEAT.