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March Dinner Program

March 18, 2020
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Hacienda del Sol
5501 N. Hacienda del Sol Road
Tucson, AZ 85718
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Preventing Burnout in the Workplace

Success should not come at the expense of being burned out
U.S. companies are increasingly being accused of fostering work environments that demand dedication, time and energy to the exclusion of an employee’s physical and mental health. Negative work cultures hurt everyone! Employees often feel that work pressures conflict so much with their need for quality family and rejuvenating personal time that they are forced to leave their jobs and seek alternatives such as self- employment.  Even more distressing, ‘bad basses’ are often the cause of high stress and employee disengagement.  This isn’t necessary.  Leaders CAN create better work cultures and it’s not even difficult with the proper guidance and tools!

Don’t be a Burnout Company
We’ve all heard stories from neighbors and friends about the companies with a reputation for driving their employees beyond reason.  Not only does it hurt their brand but the cost to those companies is also the expense of high turnover, more sick and vacation days, decreased productivity and a reputation “on the street” that ensures the best and the brightest won’t be taking a job there!  The cost to employees is often far greater - chronic and serious health issues, loss of motivation, depression and inability to work.  Severe burnout may take years to heal and is fast becoming an epidemic.  It is estimated that 85% of all visits to medical doctors in the United States are in some way stress related.

Recruit, retain and energize your talent assets
Millenials and the younger generations are NOT buying into burnout work environments.  The trend has clearly emerged that more achievement-oriented individuals are taking the risk of starting their own businesses to follow personal passions and gain control of their quality of life.  Companies become the losers when trying to recruit motivated, entrepreneurial and bright individuals who feel forced to separate themselves from a corporate environment.  That’s why concern for work/life balance is one of the top priorities for employee-oriented companies in this decade who want to recruit and retain high performers in an economically demanding and competitive world. It is possible!  

Attend this event to learn how to minimize causes of stress and burnout and unleash your employees’ motivation, enthusiasm and energy to optimize peak work performance and personal wellness!

Rachael Collins

About our Presenter:

Rachael Collins
is an entrepreneur who has been a successful strategic management and organizational effectiveness consultant for 30 years.  She has worked with industries and companies of every type and size from start-ups to national brands like the Ritz-Carlton, BMW, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Oracle, Google, Ebay and PayPal, to name a few.  Ms. Collins is a communication, business & motivation expert who provides optimal business improvement expertise, organizational effectiveness, insight and recruiting savvy to help her clients increase profitability, productivity, organizational energy, employee commitment and customer satisfaction in alignment with strategic goals. 

Her services include mid level to executive recruitment, modification of existing talent acquisition processes, analysis and improvement of reward & recognition programs, project management efficiencies, culture creation and modification, merger integration, preparation for company valuation & sale, customized learning & skills development, team building skills, employee surveys, continual performance & productivity improvement, development of succession planning, organization flexibility processes to manage challenge and change, employee retention & mentoring, leadership coaching, wellness programs, professionally facilitated meetings, investigations, executive retreats, cost-effective, high-impact & engaging company off-site experiences and more! 

Ms. Collins says “Continual change is the reason we devise more efficient ways to get work done and create healthy, fresh solutions that solve immediate needs and grow with you.  We immediately partner with your internal resources to determine the true root causes of organizational issues then swiftly move into project identification and problem solving mode. Our methods don't include "analysis paralysis" or expensive software.  We are engaging professionals who use brain power, facilitation & well-honed skills. Our visionary, practical, cost-effective methods and internal collaboration generate engagement, commitment, measurement and rapid results!”  Enjoy meeting for a consultation to learn more.

Entree Options:

  • Grilled Filet with Balsamic Demi-glace - 6oz Grilled Filet, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Golden Balsamic Glazed Cippolini Onion, Broccolini, Purple Peruvian Pommes Puree, Balsamic Demi-Glace
  • Pistachio Crusted Seabass with a Spicy Corn Beurre Blanc - 6oz Pistachio Crusted Seabass, Herb Roasted Fingerlings, Roasted Turnips, Sweet Pea Puree, Spicy Corn Beurre Blanc
  • Grilled Vegetable Enchiladas (V)Corn Tortillas, Grilled Assorted Squashes, Salsa Verde, Cilantro Rice, Beans

Pre-paid reservations are requested by 4 pm on 3/12/20 to provide our venue with a guarantee. Cancellations will be accepted until this time, with credit applied toward a future FEAT event. Late reservations will be accepted online until 4 pm on 3/17/20 with no option for cancellation or credit. Thank you.

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